Interview with Ammar Waqqaf Regarding the Crisis in Syria | MRZine

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2012-06-25T12:42:24-04:00
"Even though I view the Annan peace plan to be a good opportunity, both for the Syrian government and the opposition figures, I regret to say that I doubted its viability since day one. Certain regional powers seem to be unable to envisage a Middle East with President Assad around, and they are treating the fall of the current Syrian government as a matter of life and death. The Syrian opposition is not independent at all and they follow those who support them with recognition, money, and even weaponry, so they won't commit. I believe that it is the Gulf states' pressure that is causing the West to talk in such language, as they need to stick with their allies' interests, even though they are clearly reluctant to do something that would put them in a direct confrontation with the likes of Russia and China."
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