Farewell, Theresa May. Your best was far from good enough | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2019-07-24T08:58:53-04:00
"The media class, convinced that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was destined to fail, were complicit in seeing attributes in May that did not exist. ... May could not navigate her way out of the Brexit mess. But Cameron created it. Calling a referendum, losing it and then fleeing the scene almost immediately. Her successor is likely to be worse too. Johnson is a better communicator; but chutzpah is not a strategy and pomposity is not a plan. ... His contribution, in this critical moment, is wordplay and a joke. ... But the EU will probably have the last laugh because the deal May came back with was in all likelihood the best deal a Tory could get. This was not the failure of an individual but of a party and a system. She was the best they could do and she did the best she could. This is the problem. This is why we need an election."
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