Canada: indigenous groups urge reform after shock of white farmer's acquittal | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2018-02-12T16:50:16-04:00
"Activists say that the not-guilty verdict owed much to the selection of an all-white jury, even though Saskatchewan has a large indigenous population. Under the current system, legal teams are allowed to weed out potentially hostile jurors with a “peremptory challenge” during jury selection. ... Unlike Canada, the US and the UK have systems in place to prevent legal teams from keeping people off of a jury on discriminatory grounds, said Quigley, who also criticised other aspects of the police investigation as “appallingly bad”. Officers failed to cover the vehicle in which Boushie’s body lay and bloodmarks were lost when it rained overnight. A key element of Stanley’s defence was that there was a delay, known as “hang fire”, between his pulling of the trigger and the discharge of the weapon. Expert witnesses for both the prosecution and defence testified that the gun showed no indication of “hang fire” or any other malfunction. In Canada, the use of a firearm is not permitted in order to defend private property. Even in self-defence – which Stanley did not claim – the use of lethal force is rarely permitted under the law."
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