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Original articles by non-sectarian socialist student, labour and community organizers based in Canada.

Fees, taxes, and revenue generation | What's Left

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There has been a recent uptick in discussions around the failure of the private sector to provide quality services. From airlines to infrastructure, from safe jobs to retirement, from the transition to a low-carbon environment to agrochemical companies poisoning the ground, from the cost of rent to the price of housing. People in the US are starting to realize that the private sector in a deregulated market is not able to stop greed from doing harm to many things we enjoy.

Has the meaning of "organizing" been forgotten? | What's Left

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Rising inequality, US anti-union laws crushing organized labour south of the boarder, and the slow unrelenting decline of union density here in Canada has renewed the focus on labour union organizing. The response from the leadership of the movement has been focused -- rightly -- on changes to law regulating labour unions that make it harder to organize. However, changing labour laws will not undo the slow decline in union density alone. Unions will also have to actually go out and talk to workers, sign them up, establish a local, bargain a first agreement, and enforce those terms.

A cautionary tale about political grandstanding | What's Left

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Special contribution by Mike Fancie: Fortunately for progressive organizers, the Liberal government has racked up a remarkable rap sheet of broken promises in just over a year of power. Aside from recent electoral reform and Syrian immigration backpedaling, the Liberals have failed to fund First Nations education, they haven't repealed a word of Bill C-51, and they're following the same emissions targets set by Stephen Harper. Heck, even Katimavik is publicly begging Trudeau to follow through on his promise to re-fund its youth leadership programming.

Write to your Member of Parliament about Trump's travel ban targeting refugees | Citizens' Press

by Roxanne Dubois — last modified Jan 30, 2017 05:19 PM
Are you wondering what you can do to fight Donald's Trump travel ban on members of the Muslim community and refugees? Do you want to do something to combat Islamophobia and racism here in Canada? You can start by writing a letter to your Member of Parliament to urge them to repeal the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement and publicly condemn the travel ban.

Organized opposition to Trump still comes from the same places | What's Left

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The "far-right" is really just the politics of division. The liberal press call it "populism", but in reality it is the opposite of that. Trump is an expression of power of the elite social minority. In many ways, in the US and other countries where the far-right has won, we are witnessing the replacement of the liberal elite minority with the another elite minority: those who are unconstrained in their use of social aggression and violence. It is for this reason that socialists are the ones who will be leading the battle against the rise of the far-right.
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