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Original articles by non-sectarian socialist student, labour and community organizers based in Canada.

CBC Neil Macdonald's "The right to work for less" > A Classic Example of Liberal Analysis Missing the Mark

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Dec 11, 2012 09:59 AM
It is sometimes hard to follow liberal analysis at it weaves and meanders through a track of ahistorical and inconsistent narratives. Most of the time it is not worth it, but every once in a while the analysis does harm to struggle for historical justice, fairness and equality: namely, the work of the union movement. In these cases, it is probably better to point out some of the problems.

Sick Leave Stats and CFIB Nonsense

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Dec 05, 2012 06:05 PM
The CFIB have released their annual report that attacks the public sector's higher reported sick days (when compared to the private sector). The analysis they put forward is bogus and their recommendations essentially amount to an attack on women and health care workers. If their recommendations were adopted it would be disastrous for public health and safety.

Social Impact Bonds: The Next Stage of Casino Capitalism

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Jul 27, 2015 05:53 PM
Social Impact Bonds come from the same dark place in the financial world as complex derivatives, the trading of which lead to the great financial crisis. They are a way for the great gamblers of financial markets to place bets on "success," in this case betting on the delivery of social services on the cheap. It is a disaster in the making for anyone who actually needs support.

Bill C-377: An Ideological Attack on Working People's Interests

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Nov 09, 2012 09:04 AM
Conservative MP Hiebert's anti-organized labour bill (Bill C-377) is an attack on the rights of working people to express their political and economic power. While solving nothing, the bill creates a framework that is designed to undermine democratic workers' organizations. The obvious goal of the bill is to weaken the only mechanism of balance that workers bring to the employer-worker antagonisms in advanced capitalism. However, the bill does this in such a clumsy, unsophisticated and scattered way that the political path to fighting it is not as clear as it should be. Instead of addressing the specifics of the bill, working people must understand this legislation as a broad-sided attack on their ability to fight for their own interests.

Citizens' Press Special Edition on Bill C-377 - The Canadian Anti-Union Bill

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Oct 30, 2012 11:54 AM
See our new section on the Canadian Anti-Union Bill C-377. That Conservative's more ridiculous back-bench MPs are exposing their real colours lately in attacks on women, environmentalist organizations, science and reason, and now unions. These attacks have severely undermined freedom of speech and political pluralism in this country and they must not be left to stand. Only through an organized united front will we be able to effectively push back against these regressive attacks.

Textbook Costs and Post-Secondary Education: journalists ask the wrong questions | The Citizens' Press

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Aug 20, 2015 09:50 AM
The school year has begun for most of those going (back) to post-secondary programs and with it comes the barrage of "news" reports on the cost of school supplies. What is really frustrating about these stories is the analysis seems to be that the cost of school supplies and living expenses is too high, but the same journalists writing these stories do not touch on the costs for education as a public service.
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