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Original articles by non-sectarian socialist student, labour and community organizers based in Canada.

Unemployment Stats in PEI Shows Potential Devastation of Tory's EI Changes

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Jan 06, 2014 12:16 PM
There has been a massive increase in the unemployment to job vacancy ratio in PEI. A year ago this measure was eight unemployed to every available job. Latest data shows there are a staggering 15.5 job seekers for every available job. The increase is likely related to the recent changes to Employment Insurance (EI) brought in by the federal Tories.

Universal and Public: A union's role is to fight for expanded public services, not to replace them.

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Aug 17, 2013 11:01 AM
With the neo-liberal program still in full swing after nearly fourty years, some on the political left fall victim to cynicism. Some even start to question labour's ability to win victories or even hold ground. They advocate for unions to take-up services dropped by the state such as unemployment support. Unfortunately, the promotion of this analysis is ahistorical, leads to short-sighted insular politics and undermines the longer-term project for working-class power.

Twelve Reasons why C-377 is the Worst Bill Passed by the House of Commons – and about to become Law

by Toby Sanger and Graham Cox — last modified Sep 29, 2014 10:05 AM
Liberal Senators say Bill C-377 is “one of the worst bills we’ve ever seen” and have pledged to sit through the summer to try and defeat or delay it. Conservative Senator Hugh Segal has called the private member’s bill targeting unions “immature, ill-conceived and small-minded”. And yet Harper’s Conservatives gave the bill its full support, forcing it through the House of Commons and threatening Senators who don’t vote for it.
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