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What’s Left is a weekly digest that delivers a quick overview of current news and events. Articles are curated to focus on left-wing issues in Canada, important international struggles, and provide useful analysis for workers and activists across the country. Subscribe to What's Left and we promise to send you only one email a week.

What's Left 2016-07-10 Volume 65

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CUPE goes on strike at Wilfrid Laurier University; Open Whisper Systems Encryption Takes Over ; NATO: the supreme opportunists for war ; Chilcot Inquiry reminds us war should not be inevitable ; Left Noise this week

What's Left 2016-06-19 Volume 62

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A history of Open Access and the fight to make knowledge free for everyone; Calling for an expanded Canada Pension Plan; BC Liberals skewing tax in regressive direction; Miners Memorial Weekend; UK-EU Referendum; Gun control should be part of larger demilitarization campaign; A security-based argument for computer science education; LEFT NOISE
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