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Hounding of the North Korean diaspora in Japan | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Sep 02, 2017 10:13 AM
"Of the estimated 600,000 Korean residents of Japan – many of them the descendants of the tens of thousands of people forcibly brought to Japan as labourers before and during the second world war – about 150,000 claim to be loyal to the North Korean regime. They send their children to schools affiliated with Chongryon – a residents’ association that serves as North Korea’s de facto embassy – where they follow the regime’s curriculum and study in classrooms adorned with portraits of the Kim dynasty. ... Resentment towards the North Korean community rose again after Pyongyang began testing nuclear weapons just over a decade ago, and intensified after Kim Jong-un accelerated the regime’s quest to build long-range ballistic missiles. Zaitokukai and other far-right groups held demonstrations in Korean neighbourhoods in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities, with activists describing Koreans as “cockroaches” and urging them to die or “go home”."

France Unveils Plan to Fix Labor Markets | Bloomberg

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Sep 01, 2017 08:41 AM
"The government will hold further talks with unions and business groups, and then approve the final plan at a Sept. 22 cabinet meeting after which it takes effect. Parliament has already given the government the power to enact the reforms by executive order. The government’s next step is to overhaul France’s tax system and job training schemes."

'Our society is broken': what can stop Canada's First Nations suicide epidemic? | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Aug 30, 2017 01:29 PM
"Many regard the suicide epidemic as a symptom of a much bigger and deeper-rooted issue: Canada’s systemic, long-standing neglect of its indigenous people. This is encapsulated in the ongoing impact of the country’s residential school system, which saw more than 150,000 indigenous children taken from their homes in an attempt to forcibly assimilate them into Canadian society. ... Accounts of such prejudice are prevalent across the country. The government has been criticised for its lack of support and funding for First Nations communities, which total 1.4 million people – just under 4.3% of Canada’s population."

Venezuela Offers $5 Million to Aid Harvey Victims Via Citgo | Bloomberg

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Aug 30, 2017 01:23 PM
"Citgo, which operates the Corpus Christi Refinery with a capacity to process 157,000 barrels a day, will provide the aid to affected families through local mayors and allot a percentage of gasoline revenue to the construction of homes and shelters in and around Houston, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on state television. ... It’s not the first time that Venezuela has offered aid to downtrodden U.S. communities. Former President Hugo Chavez established an annual program in 2005 to supply subsidized heating oil to lower-income homes in the United States via Citgo. The plan has been largely phased out in recent years after oil prices crashed and Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro fended off street protests and an economic crisis."
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