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What stirred the stormy seas in France?

by JBB — last modified May 24, 2016 09:26 AM
Comment: Léon Crémieux | Socialist Worker | A French socialist and union activist looks at the sources of the rebellion that is shaking the government of François Hollande.

NDP inhibits internal democracy with steep leadership race entry fee

by JBB — last modified May 24, 2016 09:18 AM
Michael Laxer | Canadian Dimension | We are seeing an unanticipated socialist moment in North America due to the Sanders campaign in the U.S. Given the repudiation of the establishment the membership just delivered when it ousted Mulcair as leader, one would have every right to think that maybe, just maybe, now was finally the time where something might occur to shake up the deadening centrist rot that has been eating away at the NDP.

An Attempt to Crack Down on Boycotting Israel in Canada Has Failed | Vice

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified May 19, 2016 06:16 PM
"The bill, co-sponsored by Liberal MPP Mike Colle, would [have] also prohibit[ed] colleges and universities, which have been a hotbed of BDS activism, from supporting or participating in the movement in general. ... The bill claim[ed] BDS targets not just corporations, but also individuals, including Jewish students — a definition that the movement's proponents say is sloppy and inaccurate. ... The BDS movement has also received the support of organizations like the Ontario Federation of Labour, the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario, and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers."

$15 and Fairness on a finite planet

by JBB — last modified May 19, 2016 03:08 PM
By Alia Karim | Rankandfile.ca | On October 1 Ontario’s minimum wage will increase to $11.40 an hour, a mere 15 cents increase from the current wage. As Trish Hennessy astutely pointed out we’ll have to wait until 2040 for Ontarians to finally achieve a $15 minimum wage. This raise, if we can even call it that, is clearly not enough for workers to keep up with rising living costs in Ontario. Thankfully the $15 and Fairness campaign has united workers, community groups, students and trade unionists across Ontario to demand decent work.

Venezuela - a last warning

by JBB — last modified May 19, 2016 03:05 PM
by Jorge Martín | IMT | The assault against the Bolivarian revolution has intensified in the recent days and weeks. Editorials and front pages in US and Spanish newspapers are screaming about hunger in Venezuela and demanding the removal of the “dictatorial regime”. Ongoing scarcity problems have led to instances of looting. The right-wing opposition is attempting to trigger a presidential recall referendum, but is also threatening violent action and appealing to foreign powers, including in some case for military intervention. What is really happening in Venezuela and how can these threats be faced?

The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a Riot | Counter Punch

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified May 18, 2016 03:16 PM
"Jon Ralston, the dean of political reporting in Nevada ... reported live from the convention for most of the day, but decided to leave before tensions boiled over. Nevertheless, it was taken as a simple fact that he had observed Sanders supporters throwing chairs ... As it turned out, Ralston finally admitted last night that he hadn’t seen this himself but was relying especially on local reporter Andrew Davey. ... And the Truth Averse Media has gone wild with Ralston’s first class lying. The New York Times ran with “Thrown chairs” as it’s lede in an article headlined by the falsehood about death threats."
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